Call for support network sees record activity in 2020

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Call for support network sees record activity in 2020

ICBE facilitates knowledge-sharing through our Call for Support process. We bring our member companies together for peer-to-peer sharing about challenges they are facing as well as solutions they have found. 


For example, a Call for Support in early April on Temperature Testing in the Workplace saw many companies share what they were currently doing and planning.  One company shared how one of their engineers had solved their issue around Temperature Monitoring from a Distance using a Self-Activated Foot Pedal and then a Self-Activated Temperature Tool (with no contact), which other companies have since adopted.   


Knowledge-sharing is more important today than ever and the ICBE Call For Support process has seen its most active year to date in 2020. 


Among the positive reactions we have received lately are the following: 

 “We frequently use this service to access best practice from other organisations and find it invaluable” ; “Great service – Very useful” ; “Brilliant!


Here are the most common questions that we are receiving from businesses about functioning in a Covid-19 environment:


  1. How to manage and support staff who are working from home
  2. How to deal with uncertainty both micro and macro 
  3. Health & Safety is a high-priority and evolving concern 
Sample 2020 Calls For Support
Temperature Checking and Contact Tracing in the Workplace
Social Distancing in the Workplace
Planning for Returning to Work after COVID-19 lockdown
Student Placements during COVID-19
Facilitating Virtual Sessions
Postponement of Annual Leave during COVID Restrictions
Training Practices for Operators in the COVID-19 Environment
Desk Booking App
Vulnerable Person in COVID-19 Work Environment
Updating Site Safety Statement
WFH Policy
Approach to Green List
COVID Testing
Effective Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Kaikaku & Kaizen in Virtual Environment
Mask Wearing in the Workplace
Canteen Seating in COVID Environment
Reconsidering Temperature Screening
Supporting People WFH – Benchmarking Exercise
Team Building and Engagement Exercises
Managing Changing Rooms at Shift Crossover