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Certificate in Workplace Transversal Skills — (P/T Online) University of Limerick

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  • Date: 29 Jan 2024
  • Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Location: online

Certificate in Workplace Transversal Skills
P/T online - University of Limerick
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For more details visit Workplace Transversal Skills (Certificate) | University of Limerick (ul.ie)

Starting week of January 29th, 2024

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Core transversal skills are becoming ever more important to an individual’s successful and sustainable employment

This programme is for those who wish to enhance their personal and professional development
and aims to provide participants with a set of soft skills for success in every sphere

25% Funding available from ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet - Limited Places
€2000 per person/ €1500 per person after ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet funding applied

January 2024 start - Click here to view schedule

Module delivery Information:

  • One-hour online class per week for each module in the evening time (after 6 p.m.) Dates and times tbc
  • Deliver additional content (offline) during the week
  • Continuous assessment on weekly basis in the format of Forum discussions, short assignments, and quiz

Exam Information:

  • End of semester exam in the format of a hands-on project or a theoretical assignment


The programme consists of six taught modules over two semesters with a duration of 5 weeks for each 6 credit module.
Modules are delivered online via UL's dedicated online learning management system facilitating a flexible learning environment.
Focusing on practical and real-life applications of soft skills, the course content is based on the latest research and industry best practices in soft skills development, delivered by expert instructors.

Semester 1:

  • Productive and Healthy Remote Working
  • Translating Organisation Aspirations into Organisation Goals
  • Teamwork, Change and Cultural Diversity

Semester 2:

  • Cooperative Vs Pseudo-Cooperative Workplace
  • Problem Solving Tools & Techniques
  • Project


Participants will learn to:
• Effectively communicate, collaborate, and interact with others.
• Create a harmonious and productive collaborative environment
• Inspire, motivate, and guide professional teams.
• Find innovative solutions and make informed decisions.
• Handle challenging situations, adapt to change, and maintain a healthy
work-life balance.
• Foster healthier relationships by addressing disagreements with tact and understanding.
• Improve self-awareness and better overall relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.


For Whom:
This course can be beneficial for individuals across various industries and job roles. However, certain target audiences may
particularly benefit from the course due to the nature of their responsibilities and interactions within the workplace. They are
but not limited to:

  • Middle managers
  • Emerging leaders
  • Project managers
  • Sales and Customer Service Teams
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Team Leads and Supervisors
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Technical Professionals