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From Good to Great: Enhancing Data Visualisation in PowerPoint

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  • Date: 6 Mar 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Location: online


From Good to Great
Enhancing Data Visualisation in PowerPoint

2 X 2-hour workshops via Zoom (1 webinar a week for two weeks)

10am to 12pm
Wednesdays: 6th + 13th March
+ option for people to stay on and practice for additional 30 minutes (until 12:30)

Cost: €150 Member; €200 Non Member (per Person)
Places are limited / Skillnet funding applied

Contact alison@icbe.ie to book your place


Target audience: Anyone presenting with PowerPoint who wants to display data visually

Pre-requisites: Prior knowledge of PowerPoint to a basic level is essential


- One of the most practical courses I have done in years
- I learned loads of stuff I didn't know PowerPoint could do
- Lots of hints and tips to work smarter with Presentations


Session 1 - Data Visualisation with Infographics

Learn how to create business infographics. The session will cover the following;

  • Story - Consider your data and how best to display it for maximum impact
  • Colour - Understand the importance of colour and how to choose additional colours that complement each other
  • Design - Understand the fundamental basics of arranging shapes to create infographics
  • Shapes - Understand advanced tools to allow you to make any shape imaginable
  • Format - Understand how to use special effects with both shapes and text
  • Icons - Understand the icons available to you in your version of PowerPoint and where to find additional icons


Session 2 - Data Visualisation with Charts and Graphs

Learn how to create graphs and charts that display your data effectively. The session will cover the following;

  • Appropriate visualisation for different data types
  • Design Principles for effective data visualisation
  • Common mistakes to avoid


FIONA WALSH - Empower Presentations
PowerPoint Trainer | Microsoft Master Trainer | Presentation Guild Board Member | All Ireland Business All-Star Accredited

Fiona, a certified Microsoft PowerPoint trainer, is on a mission to banish Death by PowerPoint.

With 25 years in corporate, she has seen her fair share of bad slides. As an IT Manager/Trainer, she became the primary go-to person for help with anything PowerPoint related.

She set up her business in 2020 to provide bespoke PowerPoint training to companies. She loves it when a client gets an ‘aha’ moment as they realise there’s a more innovative way to do something, and it will save them time!