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ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet Knowledge Session “Transform Support Services Operations”

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  • Date: 13 Sep 2023
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Location: online

ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet Knowledge Session

“Transform Support Services Operations”

Tools to achieve operational excellence in service functions or organisation

Presented by Filipe Fontes

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Who should participate?

  • Professionals involved in services-based areas e.g. HR, finance, purchasing etc…
  • Organisations within the services industry
  • Business or Operational Excellence Professionals with services responsibility


Session Outline

Lean is not purely for manufacturing – its’ potential to significantly improve services-based companies and transactional areas is often overlooked.

This session presents the Kaizen Lean approach to operational excellence in the Service Industry and Transactional Areas, which is based on 4 pillars:

    • Process efficiency: reduce process lead time, and productivity​
  • Team efficiency: develop teams and autonomous leaders​
  • Customer focus: improve customer/internal client experience​
  • Service innovation: redefine the organization’s structure

We will also introduce an improvement roadmap for an end-to-end transformation of processes and people, as well as relevant benchmark cases and success stories gathered from our experience over the years.


Session Outcomes

  • Learn about the Lean Services model and how to deploy it
  • Some of the tools and techniques include:
    • TPI and standardisation
    • Process digitalization and automation
    • Quality control tools
    • Talent development (JI + JR)
    • Outsource/insource strategy
    • Office layout & remote work design
    • Customer interaction standards
    • Customer interfaces design


Filipe Fontes

At the Kaizen Institute since 2008, he currently has the role of Director being responsible for the Public Sector and Services.

He has extensive experience in the field of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement using Kaizen, Lean and 6 Sigma methodologies. He leads several transformation projects focused on increasing efficiency, improving productivity and quality of service.

He works with several business areas, including Business Services, Retail, Banking and Energy, both nationally and internationally.

Kaizen Institute is the original and premier provider of KAIZEN™ services

We support companies of all sizes in all market segments, providing them with a sustainable, competitive advantage. The history of Kaizen Institute began in the mid 80's. We have the longest history of consulting and training organisations around the world, specifically in the fields of KAIZEN™, Lean Management, and Continuous Improvement. Today, Kaizen Institute is present in 40+ countries around the world, and employs over 750 consultants to deliver exceptional transformation projects to our clients.