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ICBE Lunchtime Bite-Sized Webinar: Becoming More Comfortable Talking About Mental Health

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  • Date: 17 May 2023
  • Time: 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm
  • Location: Webinar

Becoming More Comfortable Talking About Mental Health
with Jane Perry

Wednesday, May 17th at 1pm
30-minute webinar followed by Q&A

Register today and we will forward the ZOOM link prior to the 17th 


Mental health, just like physical health is a normal human state or condition, yet it is still a topic where there are misconceptions, myths and an element of fear when it comes to discussing mental health in the workplace.   


This short webinar is directed at Leaders, People Managers, Wellbeing Advocates and HR professionals.
It should also prove useful for colleagues and friends  - in essence anyone who talks to anyone at work on the topic of mental health.


The session will

  • explain some of the terminology surrounding mental health & illustrate how we are impacted at different stages throughout our lives
  • demonstrate the correlation between our mental health and our physical health
  • help participants to recognise some of the signs; & learn how to open up a conversation about mental health with a staff member or colleague


Facilitated by Jane Perry, C Zone Coaching
Jane is an Organisational Psychologist, Advanced Practitioner Leadership Coach and Management Development Consultant.  She specialises in Positive Leadership, Conflict management, Culture, Behaviour at work and Individual and Team Resilience and Effectiveness. She has the practical management experience of 25 years in Sales Management and six years as a self-employed Coach and Consultant, working with a broad range of organisations across the public and Private Sectors.

When working in the Conflict Management space, Jane works with individuals, teams and sometimes entire organisations in conflict. Her work is focused on resolution and reconciliation so that people can rebuild and sustain respectful and constructive working relationships.

In addition to running Leadership Programmes and coaching, she also delivers Management Development programmes for Ibec and tutors with one of Dublin’s training and development institutions, on their Leadership and Executive Coaching Programme. Her academic background is in Psychology - with an MSc in Positive Psychology and a PG Diploma in Constructivist Psychotherapy.