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Knowledge Session “Build and implement a resilient Supply Chain model”

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  • Date: 24 Jan 2023
  • Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Location: online

Presented by Luis Godinho


UK & Ireland Director at Kaizen Institute



Virtual Session - Microsoft Teams


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Who should participate?

  • Professionals involved in supply chain activities
  • Organisations willing to achieve a resilient supply chain operation capable of facing turbulent times.


Session Outline:

This session presents a practical roadmap to designing and implementing a resilient, demand-driven supply chain model through a case study. You can expect to go through the following topics:


  • Collect and review data
  • Analyse data
  • Define product groups and establish a Supply Chain strategy
  • Define the pull planning model – capacity planning and stock management
  • Define forecast model for key product groups
  • Pilot phase: testing, reviewing, correcting, automating
  • Roll-out phase: exceptions management, extended model, planning, deployment, support standards, results, sustaining changes and future improvement steps.


Session Outcomes


  • Learn how to establish a standard model for demand forecast and framework conditions for customers/clients
  • Optimise and/or eliminate standardised planning/capacity model and capacity fluctuations
  • Define MRP specifications (planning/customer).


Luis Godinho

UK&I Director | Kaizen Institute

Part of Kaizen Institute since 2010, he recently undertook leadership of the UK&I region. He has a strong track record of international project delivery in the field of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement methodologies using Kaizen, Lean and 6 Sigma. He is also an expert in strategy design and implementation, consistently achieving world-class results.


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