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Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook

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  • Date: 24 Feb 2023
  • Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Location: Online session


Cost is €535pp ICBE non member / €428pp ICBE member

Our flagship workshop and has never been more relevant in this the new hybrid working world. It maximises Personal effectiveness by:

  • Realistic Planning: Centralising work as a Dynamic Plan as opposed to Work List(s) enables people to manage large work volume and changing priorities effectively without getting stressed
  • Leveraging Technology: Our Lean approach to look after ‘Future You’ ensures desktop and mobile technologies support the way you want to work….and switch off when you want
  • Controlling your Inbox: Every email is treated like a car on a busy highway, it cannot remain there – it goes to a Work system, a Retrieval system or it goes away
  • Links to Groupware: As we increasingly communicate and collaborate with others using OneNote, Teams, Slack, Project, SharePoint, etc., efficient linking to a Personal work system is vital to avoid duplication and to trust nothing gets missed.
  • Working Sm@rt effects Change: We give homework!! All Priority Management workshops have individual follow-up coaching sessions to ensure our graduates are in full control of their Work, Information and their Interactions with Others

The programme is broken into 4 Phases, emphasising that we truly work for results and that our clients see consistent behavioural change:

Phase 1: Pre work and MS outlook customisations

Phase 2: 1/2-day Virtual Workshop.

Phase 3: Follow up individual training.

Phase 4: Measurement and analysis of the Results.


We work with some of the largest multinationals in Europe including Microsoft themselves, Oracle, Janssen, Pfizer, RBC, etc. and we are saving their staff an hour a day per employee on average. This works out to about 30 days a year!

Full info here : Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook - Priority Management (prioritymanagementtraining.ie)