My Top 5 Tips to Create Cultures of Psychological Safety

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  1. Start at the Top

Creating and sustaining cultures of Psychological Safety can only be achieved if the most senior leaders in the organization role model behaviours consistent with psychological safe environments. 


  1. Take all Judgement out of your Communications

Judgment kills psychological safety and so one of the core skills required to support senior leaders to create cultures of Psychological Safety is to replace criticism with respectful challenge. 


  1. Encourage Robust Dialogue and Debate that is Respectful

Creating Psychological Safe cultures is not about creating 'nice' work environments. The reason organizations such as Abbott and Alkermes spend multiple years creating cultures of Psychological Safety is because in such environments, trust is higher, the speed of execution of key business initiaves is faster and the quality of collaboration is significantly higher. Such cultures are respectful, challenging and psychologically healthy. As strange as it may seem, the aim was never to create 'nice' places to work.


  1. Nurture Advanced Active Listening Skills

Support all leaders to develop advanced listening skills as such skills are at the heart of influencing, coaching for empowerment and transforming conflict into collaboration.


  1. Encourage all Leaders to Act with Courage through embracing vulnerability. 

Any association between vulnerability and 'weakness' will need to be totally eliminated from your organization if your aim, as a leader, is to create psychological safety.


JJ O’Riordan, Co-Founder and Director of The Mindful Leader Academy has been working with global organisations over the past four years to create Psychological Safety within their teams and they will openly talk about the very significant business benefits they have received from focusing on the creation of Psychological Safety.