Transforming Ireland’s Global Ambition

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Transforming Ireland’s Global Ambition

Session 2: Managing Mindset in Global Environments

March 29, 2022

Mindset Shift is the theme of this session - discussing the thinking skills that Irish companies both indigenous and FDI require to navigate the landscape of Transformation Complexity, particularly in global environments.  


Leaders are facing unprecedented disruption, uncertainty and resource challenges. There is a need to achieve better, measurable outcomes. This requires guidance, support and enablement of new mindsets, capabilities and behaviours to thrive in the emerging post-digital, post-pandemic environment. This conference will outline how three experts approached and continue to approach this ongoing challenge.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Practical learning of looking at your challenges in a different and connected way.
  • Ideas to help you create cultures, teams and leaders with the capabilities to adapt.
  • Develop your own thinking and leaders’ capabilities not just to react but to lead change

Of particular interest to senior management team + departmental and functional managers

Click here for recording of this session

Session 1: Building on our Leadership Capabilities: Taking Ownership of our Future

November 3, 2021
Facilitated by Anton Savage, this  practical and informative ICBE seminar was concluded by Kieran Noonan, ICBE Chairman

  • "Inspiring to hear today’s presenters who are focused on developing that global mindset shift which is the field where Ireland has to play today  –  so we can influence and inspire, not just on a local level, but even more importantly at that global and
    C-Suite level
  • We need to challenge ourselves and focus on our own development and that of our teams with a different level of thinking and new learning
  • Building that global ambition requires us to leverage that global network of change and knowledge sharing… it is now about joining those global network dots
  • The strategic direction of ICBE, in which leadership development and global ambition is at the very ethos of our purpose as an organisation, is to support the transformation of Ireland on a global platform -- with our expanding global reach, our unique Shingo partnership, our academic research partners, global network, development of people, and our engagement with the senior and global leaders who are actively shaping organisations globally today
  • I have an ask for those who participated today - We need you to be part of this journey to continue to build and enable our network to support transforming global ambition for Ireland. We need you to support this activity so we can all continue to move forward. Be ambitious today!”

Feedback from attendees

  • Great insights from all the speakers. Thank you for sharing.
  • Thanks Bernard for sharing your personal journey. Very authentic.
  • Excellent presentation Darragh - Really inspirational and a great blueprint for other companies to help them on their transformation journeys.
  • Superb - thank you!
  • Thanks for a really great, thought-provoking and insightful session


A generation ago, a business leaders' job was to keep their head down and focus on the business. In today's world, business leaders need a different mindset and strategic toolkit to be successful and enduringly sustainable.


This virtual dialogue invites leaders and managers perspectives on how to collaborate and adapt to changing corporate dynamics, shifts in expectations and the VUCA world (velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), which is opening Ireland to new opportunities to lead from the front, not just at a national site level, but to develop greater influence and scope within their wider Corporate business as the global context pivots and adjusts to new times and demands.


Now is the time to become effective and strategic role models and change leaders, bringing new value to help organisations anticipate continued seismic change.


Participants are invited to join our speakers in a candid sharing of their personal experiences of challenges and opportunities that presented themselves, how they stepped up to lead innovation from new places and grow their scope within the wider corporate organisation.


The speakers will also share their growth journey in developing themselves as leaders, how cross functional and cross-organisation learning groups can accelerate success, and what they learnt about engaging and influencing change, at a corporate and global level.


A case study on an ongoing transformation programme in Boston Scientific, an ICBE Member company, will be presented to further illustrate how an Irish site is adapting and transforming it’s product development model.


Time Insight Sessions Speaker
09.00 Welcome Aidan Kelly


09.05 Creating a Sustainable Future through Global Ambition

Introduction by ICBE on building on Ireland’s strengths to develop a new generation of business opportunity and excellence.

09.15 Keynote 1: Contributing to Meaningful Leadership – Shifting the Irish C-Suite from Local to Global Leadership

From Galway to global, Bernard Birkett made the leap from the Irish C-Suite to a global C-Suite of West Pharmaceuticals.   Bernard will share insights from his personal journey in developing himself as a global leader and his continuing quest to making a difference in a changing world of multinationals and healthcare leadership, as well as his beliefs around the opportunity for greater eco-system collaboration between Irish organisations at this time.


Bernard Birkett, CFO

West Pharma









Keynote 2: Transforming Organisations Sustainably


The Productive Zone of Uncertainty - an Integrated Journey Approach to Developing Future Success and Sustainability -  Building the Plane as you Fly It

Collaboration, learning and redefining leadership as a strategic framework to build your bridge into the future.


Developing our Future in Shifting Sands

Case Study – Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific Interventional Cardiology - Preparing for a different future of new product development.



Lorna McDowell




Darragh Colgan VP R&D

Boston Scientific

10.35 Break
10.45 Keynote 3: Proposition Innovation - Reinventing Your Position and Potential

Reputation management is no longer just the domain of those in marketing.  Breaking new ground involves redefining who you are and developing your influence and communities, taking ownership of your reputation both with internal and external stakeholders in your ecosystem.  Jonathan Simnett has been involved in enterprise technology businesses for over three decades, managing and turning around existing business and helping management and their investors in fast-growth technology segments to grow, manage change, enter markets, transfer technologies, acquire, merge and sell.  He has also worked with fast growth and venture-backed companies taking many to trade sale/public offering.  In this session he offers his insights on developing new positions, the importance of managing your communication and your proposition.

Jonathan Simnett

Board Advisory in Technology M&A, Management, Marketing & Category Development

11.15 Panel discussion – interactive Q&A Anton Savage
12.05 Wrap up
12.10 Closing Statement Kieran Noonan

Chair, ICBE

Shingo Executive Board member