Busting Burnout: Effective Working and Less Stress Lunchtime Webinar

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  • Duration:1 hour
  • Category:Professional Development
  • Presenter:
    Simon Haigh, The Growth Strategist - Global Business, Leadership, Brand and Mindset Growth
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  • Presenter:
    Sharon Kearns - Leadership Transformation and Success
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In our ever-changing world, employers and employees are facing the impacts of burnout in their organisations more than ever before.

We invite you to join this session presented by  Sharon Kearns and Simon Haigh.  During this webinar, they will explore some of the most effective tools to reduce burnout within your organisation.

How as leaders we can take a role to recognise and address burnout but also the steps employees themselves can take to counter burnout.

Webinar Files
Busting Burnout - Effective Working and Less Stress - Slides