ICBE - Be Collaborative
"Through the various networking events organised by ICBE, we have access to a wide range of companies in both the manufacturing and service sectors and the benefits of this collaboration have been immense - learning from practitioners and hearing about the mistakes too! "
ICBE - Be Competitive
"Through our membership of ICBE, we have benefited hugely from the various initiatives undertaken by the centre. In particular, the learnings gained through the Best Practice visits to other member companies and benchmarking has helped us lower our costs and the financial support received from our training programmes has been of immense value."
ICBE - Be Best In Class
"ICBE seeks out 'best in class' companies that implement excellence in their organisations across different business functions. Networking with such companies has helped us greatly especially in the area of L&D best practices."
ICBE - Be Innovative
"We are really interested in the launch of 2 new Innovation Programmes - the Diploma in Innovation for the Services Sector and the Diploma in Innovation for the Financial Services Sector. These were long overdue."