Sustainable Strategies for Effective Remote Working and Managing Remote Teams
with Shauna Moran via Zoom webinar

Time & Dates:  3pm – 4:30pm
Webinar 1 – Sustaining Yourself as a Remote Leader – Tuesday, November 10th
Webinar 2 – Sustaining Remote & Hybrid Teams – Tuesday, November 17th

Cost: €250 member; €350 non member (per person) Skillnet funding applied


Who should attend?

  • Leaders of teams that are working remotely
  • Leaders who are struggling with managing schedules, motivations and energy levels when remote working
  • Leaders who find engaging their teams remotely challenging

In this two-part webinar series, we’ll be focusing on a holistic approach to remote working

In the first webinar on Tuesday, November 10th, we’ll be diving into proven strategies that will empower you as a leader to sustain yourself so that you can show up more effectively for your team and your organisation.

In the second webinar on Tuesday, November 17th, we’ll be covering proven strategies that will empower you as a leader to better support your team in working remotely. As a leader, you’ll walk away with strategies that you can implement immediately that will renew motivations, engagement and productivity on your team.

Webinar 1: Sustaining Yourself as a Remote Leader

  • Sustaining yourself as a leader throughout change, uncertainty and crisis
    • Time management
    • Calendar management
    • Energy management
    • Creating healthy boundaries in remote environments
    • Balancing empathy and assertiveness for yourself and your team

Webinar 2: Sustaining Remote and Hybrid Teams

  • The key differences between managing in-house versus remote/hybrid teams
  • The core principles of effective remote teaming
  • Communication
  • Engagement, relationship and team building
  • Leadership effectiveness strategies

Each webinar will be 90 minutes and covers –
Introducing the topic to the group through information, strategies. research and processes shared by Shauna
That information is then reflected on by each participant using their personal reflection workbook
Once participants have thought through the topic and brainstormed how to implement this for themselves and their teams, we have a group thought-share on next steps and what that looks like

This creates an environment of high-engagement and accountability and also empowers everyone to take the training and tweak it for what’s specifically needed for their situations.

Throughout the training, we’ll be discussing particular case studies that relate to each topic from other leaders and teams that Shauna has worked with.

Finally, if there are any points that would be beneficial for the group to explore together in a discussion, Shauna will coach through questions with participants live on the spot.

A full follow up recap and summary will be sent to each group based on their discussions along with a recording of each session.

Shauna Moran

 My work is focused on empowering and aligning individuals and teams to develop and deepen their strengths and abilities in this ever-growing, ever-changing world of work- whether that’s remote or not. 
I’m a qualified executive and leadership development coach, an emotional-intelligence practitioner. Meaning I’ve spent the past 8-years researching and studying leadership and remote teams and putting my learnings into practice in the real-world. I’ve tried and tested these strategies again and again. They’ve solved the problems that my clients faced- the ones that were keeping them awake at 3 am. Now, they sleep peacefully.
I’ve worked with the leading companies all over the world and my work has been recognised and awarded as The Top Leadership Development and Coaching Businesses in Europe 2020. That’s a fancy way of saying- I know what I’m talking about!