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Data Analytics for Business Support Functions – Start Your Journey (Virtual Classroom)

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  • Date: 20 May - 1 Aug 2024
  • Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Location: online

Data Analytics: Start Your Journey

Business Excellence

4 days of effort over 4 weeks
(includes project & mentoring with Dave Clarke)

This data literacy course is aimed at anyone who wants to understand and improve their ability to use data for greater business benefit and is designed for those working in Business Support functions including
Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain etc.

This year, we have updated this programme to include additional breakout sessions, which include exercises to reinforce participants' learning from the online lectures. This means that the modules are now spread over a 2 week period.
4 days effort over 4 weeks

Cost: €795 Member: €995 Non Member (per person)
With Skillnet funding applied

Click link to view Course Schedule: CourseScheduleMay2024_ICBEdataAnalytics

Click link to view Course Structure: ICBE_Business Excellence Data Analytics Course Structure Overview


  • Module 1: Modern Data Services & Business Analytics Introduction
  • Module 2: Data Analytics Collaboration & Lifecycle Introduction
  • Module 3: Introduction to Modern Data Architectures, Technology & Use Case Examples
  • Module 4: Introduction to Review of Data with Marketing Leading Data Analytics Tool
  • Module 5: Introduction to Analytics Theory & Methods
  • Module 6: Putting it all together
  • Optional: Introduction to Advanced Analytics Theory & Methods
  • Mentor Sessions - Project Master Class
  • Self-Directed Team Project
  • Presentation of Team Project
  • Course Evaluation and Review of Learnings


Learning outcomes:

  • Become equipped with an understanding of what business questions can be answered by skillful interpretation of data
  • Learn how data can drive decision-making in your business, resulting in better outcomes
  • Better understand how data can inform and add value to your overall business strategy
  • Understand the types of business questions that can be answered with a structured interpretation/analysis of the data your organisation has access to
  • How to plan an analytics project to gather insights from data to answer relevant business questions
  • Understand different types of analytical techniques that can be used to answer different types of business questions + where and when to use them / their advantages & disadvantages in different circumstances

This programme is designed to build your awareness and confidence so that you can use data to build business insights and improve decision making.

This is a tremendous opportunity to develop your analytical skills and drive the use of data in your organisation.

Prerequisites – please ensure this is prepared before the course begins:

  1. Have at least a trial version of Power BI desktop on your laptop
  1. If you are not familiar with Power BI,  please watch approx 90-minute YouTube tutorial  



Week 1: 

  • 5 online lectures of 60 to 90 minutes
  • 3 breakout session of 60 minutes to review lecture content

Week 2:

  • 3 online lectures of 60 to 90 minutes
  • 2 breakout sessions of 60 minutes to review lecture content
  • 1 project mentor session of 60 minutes
  • 2 hours non-contact time to complete course project

Week 3: 

  • 6 hours non-contact time to complete course project
  • 1 project mentor session of 60 minutes

Week 4:

  • 4 hours non-contact time to complete course project.
  • 1 project mentor session of 60 minutes
  • online presentation of project results to class at end of course (2 hours)

Delivered by Clarke Analytics

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